Kobra Import Office



Kobra Import Office started in 1990 with experienced engineers in the field of process control and instrumentation as the distributer of Moore Products Co. a leading international process instruments manufacturing company headquartered in the US at that time and now part of the Siemens organization.

Kobra then added up the distribution of Measurement technology limited the leader in intrinsic safety equipment, and Magnetrol International bv the leader in Level measurement.

As an expansion of the office activities Kobra then added the distribution of Saval bv, and Knowsley SK both belonging to the Dutch Internatio Muller in the field of Engineering and manufacturing of fire fighting and detection equipment,.

Later and due to the acquire of Moore Products Co. by siemens, Our Suppliers list and targets had to change to include the companies detailed in the process control and instrumentation section

Service is provided to support those activities, as well as the manufacture of adapting parts, orifice plates, simple instruments and other parts.

Due to the respectful organised operation of Kobra and customers trust requirements for other general supplies for the industry were fulfilled.

Today Kobra have a recognised respectable position in its fields, and able to offer complete solutions based on experiance